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  • Attainability (not difficulty) Ratings:
    Attainable by almost but not all people
    ★★ Attainable by most, but not those who require flat terrain
    ★★★ Generally attainable by active people
    ★★★★ Attainable by those who have a lot of endurance or are good with mountains and hills
    ★★★★★ Many will struggle to complete this trip Contact Fitpacking before signing up
  • Please note that attainability ratings are deceptive. The easiest day of a 4 star trip may be less strenuous than the hardest day of a 1 star trip. We have little control over how mountains form, where trails and campsites are located, weather variation and terrain, so difficulty varies from day to day. These ratings just reflect overall impressions.
  • All Prices include at least 2 nights in a hotel (except where noted such as the Grand Canyon which includes only 1 night in a hotel), all food eaten on the trail, ground transportation to/from trailheads, guides, and permits. Prices quoted are Per Person Double Occupancy (Hotel Sharing), but single supplements are available.

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